Jordan Insurance Federation (JIF) comprises 21 member insurance companies licensed to practice in Jordan, of which 15 are composite insurers, 5 offer general and medical insurance services,  and one foreign insurance company provides life and medical protection covers.
Insurers in Jordan provide a variety of insurance covers including marine (insuring imported and exported cargo), compulsory and comprehensive motor insurance, fire, earthquake and general accident protection, credit insurance, liabilities covers, life, personal accidents and medical insurance protection in addition to a wide range of insurance protection covers.
Jordan’s insurance market does not include an insurance company. Insurance companies reinsure their operations, after deducting their retention, through Arab and foreign reinsurance companies. Moreover, insurance companies exchange capacities by jointly coinsuring large risks.
Insurance companies in Jordan by the type of business in 2022:

General and medical insurance providers

Composite insurers (general and life)

Branch of a foreign insurer

(Life and medical insurance) provider

Reinsurance company