In line with its commitment to providing various services to the insurance sector within the Kingdom, Jordan Insurance Federation (JIF) established a specialized library that provides information resources about the insurance industry. The library is dedicated to collecting, organizing, sorting and reserving the insurance literature and insurance-related topics in one place to make it easier for interested professionals and researchers to approach.
JIF’s insurance library is said to be one of the largest specialized libraries, containing the most varied collection of insurance references in the Kingdom. The library is home to around 2,000 books, reports, research papers and periodicals in both Arabic and English.
The library benefits those interested in insurance topics and researchers, including students and university professors. The library also provides services such as the borrowing of books, photocopying, in addition to scientific consultancy services to assist in the preparation of specialized insurance research.
Realizing the importance of keeping pace with all aspects of technological advancement, the Federation has provided the necessary program and supplies to computerize the library, which entailed the installation of modern computers, the WINISIS software program as well as new software programs to increase the speed and efficiency of operations.
Moreover, through its website, the Federation launched a new distinctive service, which enables researchers, scholars and those interested in insurance topics, to browse all the available resources through the library’s webpage.
A visitor can search for a resource by searching the book title, author, publisher, place and year of publishing, edition, language, and subject in both Arabic and English languages. This process facilitates the visitor’s access to resources related to insurance, law, management, marketing, social sciences and others.
This service represents a step towards the development of the library’s services in order to upgrade the library and its facilities to establish it as one of the most important specialized insurance libraries in the region.
How to Search Library Resources
A researcher can follow several means to search for resources available in the library, including the following:

  • Search by (Book title, author, publisher, place and year of publishing, edition, language and subject). For example, selecting the ‘Title’ from the first submenu, then entering the title of the book of interest, such as ‘Insurance and Reinsurance’.
  • In case the researcher wants to explore in more detail, they can select from the third submenu any details relevant to the author, publisher, place and year of publishing, edition, language, or subject. For example, searching by the name of the author and entering ‘Ahmed Shukri Al-Hakim’.
  • Selecting from the second submenu using the option ‘AND’ in order to search by both the title of the book and name of the author. However, in the case of searching for all resources under the category of ‘insurance and reinsurance’, in addition to all the resources whose author is ‘Ahmed Shukri Al-Hakim’, we chose the option ‘OR’. If the search is to look for the source of ‘insurance and research’ and excludes the author ‘Ahmed Shukri Al-Hakim’, then we choose the option ‘NOT’.
  • Then click ‘Search’ in order for the results to appear.

Ahmad AlZu’Bi

Ph.D. Degree in Risk Management and Insurance - Masters of Investment and Finance
Bachelor of Risk Management and Insurance
Asymmetric Information, Fraud, and Switching Costs in Healthcare Insurance Markets