The Financial Department manages the general accounting operations, wages and budget estimates. This includes exercising internal control by activating proper preemptive expense control, protecting the Federation’s assets from misuse and activating the role of accounting as a means of control by ensuring the validity of financial records and constantly updating the accounting system. In addition, the Department is in charge of the allocation and receiving of the financial shares of the member companies’ production, as well as organizing their financial sheets, data and statements related to their operations.

The Production Control Department represents the first stage of certifying the validity and accuracy of the underwriting outcomes for the compulsory motor TPL policies. The department handles the technical monitoring over the motor TPL underwriting policies by ensuring that they match pre-approved regulations and instructions. The department also looks into verifying the documents from all other entities related to the TPL insurance, in addition to handling the technical supervision of the cancellation process of these documents and their amendment annexes in line with the applied instructions regulating these operations.

The Internal Audit Department contributes to achieving the goals of the Federation by looking into the implementation of its strategic goals and policies approved by the Board of the Federation. It also inspects the extent of compliance with the provisions of the law and regulations, instructions, accounting and control procedures and issued resolutions.

The Department also examines the records of the Federation and reviews the internal control systems to ensure their effectiveness. Responsibilities of the Department also include documenting the various internal work procedures, in addition to assessing their internal control system and preparing regular reports on work progress.

This Department was established to maintain a positive image of the Federation and its objectives by handling a variety of tasks, which revolve around following up on the Federation’s official communications and transactions with the governmental agencies and public entities. In addition, the Department manages the administrative services and organizes the transport services for the employees of the Border Offices.

The IT Department works on utilizing, benefiting from and keeping abreast of new technological developments in various activities in order to help the Federation’s achieve and entrench a prominent position in the sector.

The Department is the main center and basic hub for the creation and maintenance of the database. It also works on ensuring the efficiency, speed, updating and constant development of the database. The Department also oversees the management and maintenance of the electronic devices and equipment, the networks and software, in addition to handling IT communication functions with third parties.

To ensure quality control and increase efficiency in work performance, the Quality Control Department assumes the administrative and financial supervision task over the Unified Insurance Office (at the licensing departments and borders offices) by conducting sudden onsite inspection visits and looking after the offices’ maintenance procedures and work progress, while ensuring the employees’ commitment to regulations and instructions issued by the Federation.

This Department is tasked with following up with and reviewing the vehicular accidents within the range of the borders’ offices, tenders as well as for accidents of the Orange Card holders. The functions of the Department also include assessments of accidents’ values, repair costs and spare parts prices after conducting on-site inspections if needed, in addition to revising the related invoices and arranging the necessary reports.

This Department is considered the frontlines of the Federation, where it receives all the incoming correspondences and delivers them to the concerned officials at the Federation. The Department also distributes the mail the Federation issues to the concerned third parties and handles the ensuing tasks of classification, registration, bookkeeping, archiving and preserving files.

The HR Department seeks to put in place the most advanced human resources strategies and managerial systems when handling the process of selecting, appointing, developing, sponsoring, motivating and evaluating the employees of the Federation.

The Department also adopts distinctive policies regarding promotion, job security, wages, incentives and bonuses. It also works on developing these systems to ensure retaining competencies and enabling them to unleash their creative energies to achieve the objectives of the Federation and their personal goals as well.

The HR Department also seeks to provide the best administrative services which ensure providing an optimal working environment and meeting the commitments of the Federation, besides protecting its rights against third parties. All of this is accomplished by following the latest scientific and technical managerial theories, in addition to the various activities and events to help achieve the Department’s mission towards the Federation and the employees.

The STM Department is tasked with the preparation of studies and research, and contributing to the design of working plans, which aim at developing the insurance sector, enforcing the application of technical, legislative and financial rules to insurance operations for legislations and policies.

The Department also prepares studies and publishes statistical reports for the Jordanian insurance market. In addition, it is active in fields of training, organizing conferences, technical seminars and workshops related to insurance for members of the Federation and other related entities.

The Department also issues a periodical technical publication ‘Insurance Message’ and manages the Federation library, besides communicating with local and Arab media to publish the Federation’s news and its activities. Moreover, the Department is responsible for responding to inquiries related to insurance and covering the Federation’s activities on social media.